"I lie at home and enjoy national soccer games and concerts with my friends."

As soon as they entered the sports room wearing HMD (Headwear Display), avatars in the room are waving their cheering balloons while watching a baseball game. If I shake the controller up and up as a cheering balloon, my avatar moves with my friends and falls in love with the atmosphere. I can talk freely with my friends during the game and I can pick an emoticon and send it directly to the person next to me. You can even play by throwing popcorns in front of you.

SK Telecom (017670) and SK Broadband announced on the 12th that they will be able to talk with other participants while watching video content such as sports, movies and dramas.

'Oksu Social VR' combines 'Oxusu' and 'Social Community' functions in virtual reality. When one uses and connects to VR devices, one can enjoy and communicate the contents of videos of corn with other users.

SK Telecom explained that a service that combines various functions of social community along with watching media in VR space is a leading attempt that makes it difficult to find cases both at home and abroad.

Up to eight people can gather in one토토추천 virtual space in the 'OCH Social VR'. You can choose the type of space and content you want to create a room and invite other users. There are five types of virtual space: living room, movie theater, public performance, sports room, and e-sports room. The space will be expanded in various ways.

As it is a virtual space, it has various spatial composition. If you choose a living room, you can feel a comfortable house with modern interior. The movie theater is designed to resemble a private mini-movie. The concert hall gives the audience a feeling of being able to meet the star in front of their eyes. Sports rooms can watch real-time games and have a beer, and e-sports rooms remind people of the VIP seats in a large stadium that broadcasts games. SK Telecom plans to add more space for various concepts in the future and allow users to decorate the space themselves. If you enter a virtual space, you can meet avatars of each user. It is a point of first person and can see 360 degrees. Connectors can move their seats on the controller at any time.

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