Im Joon-hee, Professor Han Ye-jong of the composer, was named the winner of the Nanpa Music Award.

The Nanpa Memorial Society announced on Thursday that it selected composer Lim Joon-hee (59, professor of traditional art at the Korea National University of Arts) as the winner of the 50th Nanpa Music Awards this year.
The Kantata Han River, Aubusa and Song of Arirang were actively published at home and abroad, and they opened their eyes to Korean music. Lim, who graduated from Yonsei University in composition and earned a master's or doctorate degree from Indiana University, created Korean music that combines Gugak with Western music. It has won numerous awards, including the An Ik-tae Prize, the best award for Korean music, and the best composer award for KBS. The award ceremony will be held at the Grand Theater of Munhwajeon Hall in Gyeonggi Province on the 18th. The Nanpa Music Awards draws a winner from the award, which was created in 1968 to honor the composer Hong Nan-pa. The previous winners include Chung Kyung-hwa, Baek Gun-woo, Chung Myung-hoon and Cho Su-mi.

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