"Requires a portal outlink for customized services"

- Professor Hong Sung-chul, the publisher of the newspaper association, emphasized on the 11th

Journalists pointed out that if a company wants to provide its own customized news service, it needs an outlink of portal news to secure its own data.

Hong Seong-cheol, a media imaging professor at Kyunggi University, said on Tuesday, "Departmentalization and Distinguishing Strategies" at the newspaper association's Grand Plaza Hotel in Cheongju, Korea.

"Although many사설토토 people believe that we need to legalize 'outlink' method of providing news on portal sites, it is essential that the strong influence of the portal will make it difficult to implement it in line with various news consumption patterns," Hong said. According to the report, it is possible for newspapers to secure detailed independent data about their readers.

"In reality, raising subscription fees for paper newspapers and digital news is the most likely alternative to paper ads," Hong said.

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